Yoga Bound Bali Yoga, Spa and Spirit Festival Retreat March 2014

It’s YogaBound’s Annual Yoga, Spa, Spirit Festival Cultural Retreat in Bali
March 16th – March 30th, 2014

IMG_0497Join me on a trip of a lifetime to Mystical and Magical Bali, a culturally rich island in Indonesia, known as “The Island of the Gods”. It is the perfect place to begin, or develop your Yoga and Meditation practice, in the most idyllic of surroundings. We’ll be primarily in the beautiful hills of Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali. With excursions to must see places from this centrally located home base. This is an experience that will literally “Transform Your Life”, while renewing your mind, body and spirit.

My name is Deb Bobier, YA certified Yoga Teacher E-RYT500, and founder of I have been a part time resident of Bali since ’97. And led retreats since 2002. My husband and partner, Roger Bobier, also YA E-RYT500, helps with many aspects of the trip. While I will be the primary teacher on this retreat, you’ll also get to experience different styles of Yoga from teachers around the world while attending the Bali Spirit Festival. And if you sign up for the retreat and are a teacher interested in teaching a class or two, we welcome your contribution.

On this trip you’ll see Bali from less of a tourist perspective. It has been my home away from home since ’97. And not only do I have a community there. I know all the wonderful places to go, as Roger and I continue our explorations of the Island. On this trip to Magical Bali I want you to experience the best Bali has to offer; From the beach to the mountains, to the most sacred temples, to walks through the scenic rice fields and other treasures, healings, volunteering and more!

From the moment you step foot off the plane, I want to give you the experience of a lifetime. You’re first few days will be more relaxing, primarily off the mat, with minimal on the mat yoga and meditation to re-energize your body after the long flight. You have a little over two weeks and I want you to experience as much as you can, yet in a relaxed way. With daily downtime so that you can do whatever you like.

Your Yoga adventure includes cultural tours, absolutely wonderful, healthy food, and lovely accommodation. We’ll take scenic walks overlooking stunning rice fields, with views of mountain ridges and through traditional villages, exploring the culture and sacred temples. You’ll experience the Balinese culture simply by walking around, or attending some of the local dances and ceremonies. We will visit a traditional Balinese Healer for a cleansing ceremony. And offer something back to the local community with Seva. Donating items we will bring with us to a children’s orphanage.

We will regularly experience the side of Bali where you can be deeply pampered. It is wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating.  Something we all deserve, yet may rarely take the time for. But there YOU can.  So we’ll visit some Deluxe Spas and experience some wonderful treatments (multiple times because it is so affordable). Bali’s unique spa’s open to nature and nurturing. And the people generous, caring and hospitable by nature.

We will participate in a Cooking Class learning to create Balinese inspired dishes. We will do some shopping, maybe even heading down to the posh shops in Seminyak. And lastly, I’ve selected these dates so that you can experience the most amazing Yoga Festival I’ve ever attended with all day classes from a variety of distinguished teachers from all over that part of the world, including Australia; Music concerts at night; In settings that will give you a glimpse of “Heaven on Earth”. That alone is worth the trip. But as you can see, there is so much, much more you will have the chance to do. And I can guarantee you will go home transformed. Everyone does.

My love affair with Bali began in 1997 and continues to this day. From day one I fell in love with the natural beauty of the island, its people and culture. The Balinese are Hindu Buddhist, with some animalism and Cosmology woven in. It is very metaphysical. It is Yoga in action. The Balinese calendar is 210 and of these, 70 are Holidays. So more than likely you’ll get to witness some sort of ongoing ceremony which is a pageant in itself. But the greatest gift Bali gave me was contentment. I’ve always been a happy person. But here is the first time I actually saw contentment. The owner of the little bungalows we were staying in sat each morning weaving baskets for offerings from coconut leaves. Though she had very little (by western standards), she had the most peaceful, contented face I had ever seen. And I said “I want just a little bit of that. It’s a gift I will cherish forever. And it keeps me coming back year after year after year.”

I love nothing more than sharing my love of yoga, health and local knowledge of Bali with everyone. It is a place I know you will truly be an experience of a lifetime. However, like most places, it is changing rapidly, and needs to be on anyone’s travel agenda sooner than later. So I hope you will join me on this very special Yoga Adventure to Mystical and Magical Bali.

Retreat includes:
Fifteen (15) nights of accommodation (non-western type hotel chains, but clean and comfortable lodging w/amenities)
Airport pick-up and your transport the duration of our trip (unless you go somewhere on your own)
Welcome dinner, all breakfasts and Dinner our last night together
Yoga, Transformational Meditation & Yoga Nidra sessions with Deb
Five (5) Day Pass to the Bali Spirit Festival   (March 19th-23rd) $550.00 actual cost. If not interested we can deduct this.
Two (2) days Spa visits with two spa treatments of your choice
Half day cooking class
Scenic guided walks
Temple visit and other cultural tours
Guided shopping tour in Ubud and possibly Seminyak

Sunday – March 16th – Sunday, March 30th, 2014 or *April 1st – see below regarding Nyepi
Cost: Single: $2850.00, Twin Share: $2295.00
Yoga Teacher’s Receive 30 Yoga Alliance CE’s for this Retreat

Space is limited – Reserve your spot today!

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*(With airfare being you biggest expense, if you would like to stay an additional two days to experience Nyepi, pay just $150.00 more. March 31st is Hari Raya Nyepi Ceremony. This is a Hindu Day of Silence or the Hindu New Year in the Balinese Saka calendar.

The largest celebrations are held in Bali as well as in Balinese Hindu communities around Indonesia. On New Year’s Eve the villages are cleaned, food is cooked for 2 days and in the evening as much noise is made as possible to scare away the devils. On the following day, Hindus do not leave their homes, cook or engage in any activity. Streets are deserted, and tourists are not allowed to leave hotel complexes. No arrival nor departure flights at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar – Bali (yes, even the airport closes). And no tours or other activities. You will not experience this anywhere else in the world. Since airfare is your primary cost, if you can, you should try to stay a few more days to experience this.)

I would prefer if everyone could leave the USA on the 16th and arrive the 17th (you cross the International Dateline so lose a day). Then stay at least until March 30th, or April 1st after Nyepi on March 31st (planes don’t fly the 31st). Please check your own sources, but my agent, who has almost always gotten me the best deals has these two options below from Tampa, Florida. The first is the least expensive. However, there are limited seats available. BE AWARE: Airlines will sell you tickets on March 31st, even though the airport is closed for Nyepi. Email me if you want my travel agents name.

Korean Air: $1425,00  Limited seats, so you’d have to leave March 16th at 830 am. Arrive Bali on the 17th at midnight. Then no flights back are available until April 2nd. Or, March 28th. The plane leaves at midnight, so it’s really the 1st.

Cathay Pacific: $1840.00 and currently there are plenty of seats on the days that match the retreat dates.

A Sample Day:
8:00 am: morning yoga & meditation
10:00 am: fresh juice and delicious breakfast
11:00 am: off to an inspiring walk, cultural tour or divine spa treatment
1.30 pm: lunch and downtime
4:00pm: walk, tour or afternoon yoga or meditation
7.00 pm: dinner
8:30 pm: meditation or yoga nidra (lying down guided relaxation for a good night’s sleep)

Every day is different so do come with an open mind and flexible attitude. For example some days we head out for most of the day to explore, returning in the afternoon in time for yoga. Other days we may be out for a half day. So we may miss Yoga, or our Yoga Nidra. Most days we will eat lunch and dinner together as a group at one of the many wonderful restaurants. Your cost, depending on what you order, would be anywhere from $4.00 to $10.00 at most places. And there is also free time to explore the many cafes and shops. On free evenings there are many wonderful Balinese music and dance shows to enjoy.

We’ll be staying at picturesque Resort (tbd based on number of participants) with a lovely pool for lazing by, situated on the town’s edge for easy access to the Ubud markets and an array of great shops and restaurants. The rooms are spacious with ensuites and there’s an in-house day spa and wonderful cafe. Ubud is a vibrant artists village full of wonderful art & cultural experiences, museums and galleries located about 50 minutes drive northwest of Seminyak Beach and the international airport.

If booking twin share we put you with a same sex person.

Check-in and check-out:
People arrive at all different times of the day due to flights however aim to arrive early to unwind before yoga. Official room check-in is 2 pm although rooms are often available earlier. On the last day room check-out is 12 pm however as most flights leave Bali in the evening you may opt to leave your bags at reception and use the hotel facilities. A late room check-out can be requested. Transfers to the airport are included unless you decide to stay longer than the retreat dates. Or, are flying to another destination. However, getting to the airport from Ubud isn’t more than $30.00.

How to get here:
Fly into Bali’s Denpasar International Airport (DPS) from many airports. Airport pick-up is included in the retreat price. Once your flight is booked email us your arrival time and flight number and our driver will meet you. Upon registration a letter with more retreat information is emailed to you.

Not Included:

  • Your airfare to Bali. And there are some good deals out there right now.
  • Visa on Arrival (approx. $10.00 for 10 days, $25.00 for 30 days).
  • Personal Services other than those mentioned above.
  • Food & Drink – other than what is mentioned above. (You can eat at most restaurants for $4.00 – $8.00.)
  • Personal purchases and incidentals
  • Tours not outlined above, usually about $25.00 per excursion.
  • Spa Treatments not outlined above.
  • Departure Tax 150,000rp (approximately $15.00)

Additional Notes:

  • There are ATM’s all over Bali. I would suggest using this rather than bringing a lot of money. Schwab Bank reimburses for any ATM fee, and since these can get costly. It’s worth opening up an account with them.
  • Internet is readily available, though not high speed. But we suggest getting off the grid and unplugging as much as you can. The benefits of this are something everyone should experience, as you completely unwind, and free yourself from the demands of your modern western lifestyle, to go inward for a deeper self discovery experience.

More on Yoga and Bali:

Yoga is a gift that serves and nourishes us at every level of our being. It contributes to greater well being in all domains of life and will help you discover gifts within yourself that have remained unopened since your childhood – gifts of peace, harmony, laughter, and love.” No matter where you are right now in your life, whatever transition may be occurring, this retreat will enable you to tap into the vast resources deep inside yourself, and come out a stronger, healthier, happier person.

It is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will “Transform Your Life”. It is an ideal retreat for single’s, couple’s, beginners or seasoned practicioners with many various styles of Yoga, and Meditation integrated seamlessly.

With airfare your biggest expense, we would really recommend staying longer on either side of the retreat. While you are here for the retreat I am offering an all inclusive adventure extension for those that can take advantage of their time in Bali. This would include bicycling from Mt. Batur downhill to the Elephant Park, Tirtta Ganga, Whitewater Rafting trips, and more!

The Benefits of this Yoga and Meditation Retreat:

  • Tips on cultivating a healthier lifestyle.
  • Greater strength, movement, power and flexibility.
  • Reduced Stress and Tension on a deeper level.
  • More awareness, focus and concentration.
  • Self Inquiry into your thoughts and feelings.
  • Recognizing your strengths with positive thoughts.
  • Letting go of limiting ideas and out dated thoughts and beliefs.
  • Shifting from force to power to acceptance.
  • Developing a strong sense of self and purpose.
  • Renew your joy and zest for life
  • Improved concentration
  • Breath control – the breath is one of the most used tools in the practice of yoga and meditation. The mind gets distracted with things that have happened in the past, future, and everything else. The breath is something that happens in the present, every second, and focusing on it will help us to find the concentration. 

What participants and students say about Deb:

  • There are many words that are appropriate in describing her…kind, thoughtful, positive, honest, trustworthy, reliable, hard working, committed; All traits that make for a very good person, a very good teacher. In addition, there are the traits that she possesses that are a must for an effective person, an effective teacher. She is an excellent listener, passionate about what she does, respectful of and open to differences in viewpoints and opinions, of cultures and traditions, of lifestyles and abilities. She is understanding and encouraging in the best of life’s circumstances as well as it’s worst and she is truly an uplifting individual who imparts an energy that can make a real difference in a teaching/learning environment. I have had the pleasure of knowing Deb for 13 years and she has and continues to be a very positive and welcome influence in my life. Wanda
  •  “Deb is dedicated to her students’ well-being. Her extensive experience and training allows her to draw from various styles of yoga to help students develop practices tailored to their individual needs. She provides precise instruction and coaching in an encouraging and nurturing environment.” Mona
  • “Debra is an articulate, caring & compassionate woman. She is a wonderfully earthy, soulful spirit & gives nothing less than her all to anything she chooses to do. A truly special lady…irreplaceable!” Sally
  •  “Deb’s sensitivity and compassion are a natural fit for being an excellent yoga teacher. She has used her management skills well in business and now can fully give and receive in the symphony of yoga. She can intuit her students and their needs and help them find harmony in their movements and in grounding with nature. She has finally been able to put her gifts to the best and highest use of her learned and given talents.” Pat
  •  “Deb has taught me many things not only through her vast knowledge and experience but also by her example. While teaching, she is always mindful of the balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides. It makes for one of the most gratifying and fulfilling educational experiences I’ve ever had.” Kelly
  • “Deb brings personal integrity and a sense of balance to the practice of yoga, and to all she does.” Paul McGuire
  • “Deb is the real deal. A sincere person, her most conscious life aim appears to be her understanding and sympathy for humanity. She is a wise and empathetic advisor/counselor with excellent communication skills, a pleasurable emotional nature, and strong, open handed attitude. She is an inspiration.” Lisa
  • “Deb is an intriguing, strong and wonderful woman to boot. She has great insights on life and I continue to learn so much from her.” Shannon
  • “Debra was my teacher for my yoga certification during the time that I was recovering from my first round of cancer treatment. She was patient, encouraging and enthusiastic about my training. She was also extremely helpful in suggesting modifications of poses that I could use for seniors and cancer patients. I was also impressed with Debra’s in depth knowledge of yoga, the history of yoga and the sanskrit names for the poses.” Sharon 


  • “My husband and I wanted some time away together. Somewhere where we could relax yet be active. This yoga week in Bali has surpassed all our expectations with its people, beauty and intensity. We have renewed, relaxed and reenergized.”
  • “I came to the retreat not knowing what to expect, but looking for inspiration. I found that and more. Deb and Roger  were wonderful and created a harmonious, non-judgmental, serene environment. The retreat left me feeling recharged and invigorated. And looking forward to developing my own yoga practice. I would definitely recommend the retreat and would love to return.”
  • “Book the retreat!!! You will not be disappointed. This retreat provides the perfect environment to get away from it all, pamper yourself, meet new people, spend time on your own, rejuvenate and develop your yoga practice. Deb and Roger are very professional and inspiring.”
  • “Debra’s yoga knowledge was vast, her guidance reassuring. The treatments were healing and rejuvenating. Bali is such a wonderful place to go inward, relax and transform. It was a very fulfilling couple of weeks.”
  • “An amazing week with amazing people. Debra created the perfect environment to promote both enthusiasm and peace. My yoga has improved dramatically through Debra’s daily instruction and adjustments.
  • “The Bali retreat was excellent with the perfect mix of yoga and tourism. The yoga itself catered to all levels and Debra and Roger were excellent at providing hands on assistance to those who needed it (I was one!). I think the supervision really helped advance my practice. Ubud and its surroundings were also a highlight and somewhere I would readily return. The accommodation was fantastic and the organized non-yoga activities were a breath of fresh air. The food was wonderful and whole retreat was flexible – I never felt that I was caught up in a lettuce-eating yoga boot-camp, in fact, it was nothing like it.”
  • “A well-balanced, nurturing retreat where it’s all about You! Debra’s Yoga sessions are effective and versatile, making sure that everyone of any yoga level will get the most out of their practice. I realized that in a very short time I can improve my flexibility, attempt new postures and learn to listen to my body’s capabilities and limits. Combined with pampering Spa treatments and Debra’s local knowledge of the area, this retreat will leave you feeling renewed, empowered and ready to face the world again!”
  • “The week in Bali has been journey of self discovery and reflection. I arrived anxious, stressed and tired and I left feeling lighter, happier and clearer in my mind. Thanks to Debra and the wonderful group of people on the retreat, the practice of yoga, meditation and eating a healthy diet are now part of me and my everyday living. Through meeting these beautiful people I have gained so much inspiration and knowledge about yoga and life that I have made many positive changes to my own lifestyle. This retreat was like chicken soup for the soul. Thank you again so much – I can’t wait to return to the next one!”
  • “Along with my husband, we recently treated ourselves to an amazing three weeks in Bali with Debra. Being totally removed from our day to day grind, we were able to submerse ourselves into yoga practice and achieve an inner peace and relaxation (multiple full body massages did help!), that we have never had. We are beginners at yoga and we were thrilled at our improvements within the week through the support and guidance of Debra and Roger. I cannot recommend this retreat more highly.”
  • “It has been a privilege to experience this gift of teaching, learning and healing. I leave with a strong commitment to follow my yoga practice and my own goals, and an open heart to all that comes my way.”
  • “Thank you for a wonderful retreat. My yoga, core strength, breathing and focus have definitely improved AND I feel absolutely radiant! Well done! I will be back.”
  • “The standout thing for me on this retreat was slowing down my pace. I was so wound up on arrival that the yoga, food (and company), beautiful setting and unbelievable pampering treatments completely bought me peace. I can’t thank you enough. I feel completely rejuvenated.”
  • “I came away from the retreat feeling energized and pleased with my improvement. It was a really peaceful retreat and a wonderful experience.”
  • “The YogaBound Retreat is led extremely well. Debra and Roger have what it takes to relax one’s mind, body and spirit. The retreat was so much more than I anticipated. I highly recommend this retreat without reservation.”
  • “Let yourself experience an indulgent couple of weeks. Everyone deserves it. Just forget time and worry and let yourself go. These yoga sessions will only bring you closer to a magical experience in a magical place.”
  • “I planned this escape after going through a tough time and thought it was time to give something to ‘me’. Debra and Roger were amazing and provided classes to cater for all yoga abilities; adequate support to ensure correct technique and just a genuine open trusting environment both physically and emotionally. I met some amazing like minded people. And will definitely do it again!”
  • “Being in the tropics, eating wholesome food, exercising daily and being pampered was definitely the right ingredients to revamp the feeling of relaxation and happiness. To wake and commence yoga at 8am was calming, the massages and body treatments allowed more time for my mind and body to release built up tension. By the end of the YogaBound Retreat there was a great sense of achievement as my yoga had progressed and I had had a wonderful time by myself and in the company of wonderful people”.

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