Well Being

Well Being

The Dalai Lama, when asked what most surprised him about humanity said, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money, then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about his future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

If you are ready for Health, Wealth, and Happiness…..Yoga Shows the Way.
And Yoga Bound is Yoga for Life. Yoga for Every Body. We can help get
you on your way with our classes, workshops, retreats & trainings. 

Optimal Health Through the Yoga System

Because Yoga and a yoga lifestyle is our personal system for self care, this is the primary emphasis on this site. And also includes other practices  that are part of the Yoga System, like Meditation and Pranayama (yogic breathing), the non-physical aspects. Along with Ayurveda (an ancient and natural Indian system of healing) with other holistic therapies like massage.

When we think of Yoga we often think of the posture (asana) or physical aspect of Yoga. However Yoga is much more than that. While the physical benefits are what we experience first, it is the other benefits that end up having the most profound results. After almost two decades studying, doing, and teaching this complete system, the following is the philosophy that has always resonated with me. And continues to be my guide and inspiration.

Real yoga is not blind belief, memorization, conformity, obedience, follow the leader, nor ideology, although charlatans try to play that trick on unwary students who are seeking guidance. In authentic yoga, practice leads to wisdom, insight, inner light, and direct perception (brought about by the cessation of the citta-vrtti). Then one sees directly the universal principles of natural law (often referred to as Sanatana Dharma) reflected in all beings and things.

Ignorance is defeated by practices that result in pure vision. Delusion and self deceit is defeated by truth. Truth tells us that we are all One big Family. Justice is realized through the union of truth and compassion, as ahimsa, and satyagraha. The wisdom eye is opened through practice which in turn results in wise and compassionate activity naturally.

Hence the goal is to not use good actions to go to heaven, but rather to practice in order to discover the innate goodness inside (Buddhanature, Bodhicitta, Maheshvara, isvara, Siva, or inherent Christ-nature) and then express that naturally in spontaneous good actions.

Authentic yoga practitioners find that efficient yogic practices bring such out in all one’s relations. Such light and love are marks of an accomplished yogi. Hence, the eternal law lays inside the yogi, while the yoga practice is designed to bring that into direct awareness. In authentic yoga, practice invokes awareness, not belief in mechanically following model behavior, in hopes of a future reward/salvation in a distant heaven.

What You Already Know But May Just Need Reminding:

We all know that a strong, flexible body, and disciplined relaxed mind is essential to good health and well being. It gives us the energy necessary to achieve our fullest potential in life, improves our quality of life, reduces stress and increases our life expectancy.

And we all know the importance of physical activity, a healthy diet, weight control, abstaining from smoking, alcohol in moderation, time with friends and family and laughter. From an intellectual perspective these things seem not only obvious, but simple. However, America’s health rankings have gone from bad to worse. And continue to slide.

Each of us can not only directly improve our own health by learning about the factors that affect our health. But also take real action to improve our habits, culture and environment. So let’s get fit. As we cover WellBeing from a “Holistic” perspective featuring ancient healing arts, practices and disciplines that treat the mind, body and spirit. Let’s get fit and so that we can live a happier, healthier and more joyful existence. Let’s get fit so that as we age we can continue to have a good quality of life.

Seniors doing Yoga

Seniors doing Yoga

And if like me, you are an older individual you know the importance of staying active. While there are so many advantages to moving into those golden year, the stage when you have more time for yourself, your family, for leisure, recreation and relaxation, it also is the time when you are more susceptible to some ailments that are linked to old age like Arthritis, rheumatism, incontinence, and High Blood Pressure.

This really raises the need for seniors to stay fit and healthy. Doing what we can to prevent the degeneration of the body so that we have fewer limits. Or, if like me already dealing with some of these issues due to sports injuries when younger, the need to put into place milder forms of exercise such as Yoga, walking, biking and other non-invasive fitness practices.

Yoga is a form of exercise that so adapts to your needs and abilities, it can be done by anyone, even Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women. And it deals with your whole being.  It makes your body fitter, the mind calmer and more relaxed. Yoga is also beneficial in the prevention and control of common health and emotional problems that is linked with an Older Age. It helps you in becoming more in touch with yourself and your body enabling you to accept who you are and the state you are in which creates a positive approach in life.

Since most of us don’t want to resort to a “pill for this, a pill for that mentality”, as it is a slippery slope and often does more harm than good, it is nice to know that Yoga and other healing preventative and other non-invasive modalities that integrate, support, compliment and enhance the other can help with our “Quality of Life” and “Healthy Aging”.

Gratitude for my good Health

Grateful for Good Health!

And while we recognize there is a place for traditional Western medicine, i.e. for diagnostic purposes, a broken limb, certain chronic conditions or life threatening diseases, we emphasize a more complete and multidimensional approach to health, healing and fitness. Which can prevent many problems, or speed recovery once a problem is diagnosed.

Begin your research by visiting these pages where you will find information on Yoga, Pranayama (or breathwork), The Chakras (our energy centers), Ayurveda (the oldest healing science), Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Massage, Acupuncture, Quantum, Vibrational, Psycho Spiritual Healing, Wisdom, Inspiration and more.

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Yoga Bound is “Yoga for Life, Yoga for Every Body”.

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