Yoga Bound Teacher Trainings – What Makes Us Different?


Yoga Bound is a Yoga Alliance 200 & 500 Registered Yoga School

YA 200 & 500 RYS

YB’s Integral Hatha Yoga training is a Bio-Energectic holistic therapy that is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. It is the foundation for all yoga styles, and practices. YB’s training includes the History of Yoga, as well as other aspects of the Yogic system, including esoteric teachings. There will be a considerable amount of asana practice as yoga is an experiential practice. And additional education via reading, discussion groups, journaling, lectures, etc..

YB’s TTC is extremely comprehensive and thorough. You will learn about Yoga, Wellness, Nutrition and Transformation from an authentic mind/body approach. How to arouse, harmonize and develop all aspects of your being. How to create awareness, and mindfulness.

You will access all the information, inspiration and empowerment you will ever need. As each of us is the greatest artists who has ever lived, with our most important canvas our life, ourselves. Our trainings’ are small and intimate, limited to no more than 12 people for lots of one-on-one with the teachers. And we make it affordable as we feel Yoga is such a gift and that everyone is entitled to reap its benefits.

The 7 Chakras - Bodies Energy Channels - Resonaters of Consciousness

The Cakra's - Our bodies energy channels - Resonanters of Consciousness

Our First Level Intensive TTC could be your first step on this amazing journey. Or, if you are already YA 200 certified and registered, a continuation of your journey on an even deeper level . Our approach is a total integration of all Yogic principles and practices, therefore, is always inclusive.

YB’s TTC is taught by YA E-RYT 500 Debra Bobier, founder of Roger Bobier YA-ERYT 500, co-founder of Both have decades of experience and training in many styles of Yoga and other Holistic Therapies. As well as other senior guest teachers that are experienced and esteemed in these  subjects.

We know there is no greater miracle than the human body. Balance within each body, The Kosha’s, and integration of the bodies as a whole cultivate health. Imbalance within the bodies and a lack of integration among them result in dis-ease and are nothing but manifestations of the interaction between energy and consciousness.

We are all truly blessed that we are able to take charge of our health and well being. And consciously create our lives. We will help you learn this. How to shine as you wish. How to bring brilliance, happiness and fulfillment to yourself, and those around you. How to paint radiance in your unique way. How to live a luminous life! Space is limited, we keep our classes small and intimate so sign up today to reserve your spot. And to become part of the beauty of a synergistic, global community who are uplifting our world.’s Level One Intensive is 200 hours of course instruction and practicum training, including all the necessary components to qualify under international Yoga teaching standards (Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation certification). Our goal at every level is to help our students become Yoga teachers with the foundation, aspiration and competence to bring these teachings to an ever-widening scope of seekers through intense foundational, and advanced training.

YB’s First Level Intensive Course is a genuine example of “Integral Yoga” as defined by Sri Aurobindo. It provides an excellent introduction to Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga, and Tantra Yoga. It also includes theory and practice on techniques from Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Nidra Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga.

The letter A, U and M also stand for the mantra ‘Tat Twam Asi’ (‘That Thou Art’), the realization which liberates the human spirit from the confines of his body, mind, intellect and ego

AUM stands for the mantra ‘Tat Twam Asi’ (‘That Thou Art’), the realization which liberates the human spirit from the confines of his body, mind, intellect and ego.

Our curriculum is designed to offer a very strong foundation on diet in Yoga, healing through natural methods, purification and cleansing techniques, Ayurveda, yin/yang balancing, relaxation, physiology and psychology in Yoga, mastery and transmutation of the sexual energy, Eastern philosophy, mental concentration, the use of music in Yoga, and meditation. There will also be group discussions and lectures on these and other topics. As well as personal guidance and counseling.

At your first class you will receive a free, a 100+ page Yoga textbook with a comprehensive set of materials that contain information about the techniques of the day and the various other subjects we will be covering in our TTC. YB’s introductory First Level Intensive Course is especially designed for those those new to yoga. However, we get many seasoned practicioners that are looking to deepen their own practice. Want to review the basics. Need CEU’s. Or simply want to use this TTC like a yoga retreat.

So do let us know how we can help make this happen for your specific situation. And do be prepared, once you begin your yoga journey, you are sure to be hooked for years to come! We welcome you presence, and participation. YogaBoundDeb