Our Vision

Deb and Roger Bobier

YogaBound.com is a personal transformation community supporting well being and illuminated living through awakening to one’s own higher level of consciousness and expansion.

Our aim is to spread the benefits of yoga and other holistic therapies that have been proven to help anyone lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. I call it Yoga Bound for Life! Yes, there’s a double meaning.

We want to inspire out of the box thinking, and expansion of horizons. To share, inform, educate, alter perceptions, reshape beliefs, change behaviors and encourage self discovery, self growth, and well-being through Yoga, and other Holistic therapies.

Holistic means integration and encompasses wellness and healing therapies that consider the mind, body, and spirit as a (w)hole. Natural extensions like Ayurveda. Yoga is a holistic lifestyle, treating all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. We write, but also research and post information on these subjects.

Our good health is a blessing, ultimately our responsibility and should be a primary, if not the primary focus of each individual. Good health is essential to leading a happy and vibrant life. Without it we don’t have the energy or the mental where-with-all to take on opportunities, or cope with unpleasant conflicts and challenges. And good health encompasses our mental, physical, emotionally and spiritually bodies. You only have to ask someone that has a debilitating disease, or limiting condition to know just how true this is.

A little about what shaped my journey:

To try and make a long story short, which obviously means leaving out a lot. But looking back, it all actually began when I was young. I noticed so many people dying young, or living with problems that affected their quality of life. It made me sad, but also made me want something different for myself. I didn’t want to be unhealthy, or overweight. But what could a little kid do? Everyone I knew lived like we did. But I was a good observer, followed my curiosity, and intuition and became my own guide. Though today this is no big deal, back then people called it many things “Alternative”. There was no internet. No health food stores. No community.

My father was in the Army. But no matter where we lived he planted a garden. This was as much out of love, as necessity. But the end result was the same. The size depended on how much land we had. I loved working in the garden, picking things right off the vine and eating it under the hot sun. I loved helping my mom can the things we planted. And eating the fresh, and delicious jams, jellies and syrups we made with our own hands. Eating fresh was always what my body liked best.

But being from the south, once these veggies were cooked, they were a far cry from what I tasted in the garden. And even worse was the bacon grease which was used for seasoning. Then there was all the fried foods and biscuits made with Crisco. To make matters worse, in my family you had to eat everything on your plate, but I struggled with this. And ended up appearing rebellious, but I simply couldn’t do.

This was an affront to my parents. People were just grateful to have food. And I believe they truly felt we were eating healthy. With only a couple of tv stations, the nation watched the same things, saw the same things, behaved pretty much the same way.

We used the Almanac a lot and I loved it. It told us when to plant, moon cycles and referred to natural healing remedies which I found fascinating. So from the beginning I have always wanted to stay as healthy as possible using nature. And continue to study,  apply and teach things that I learn like Homeopathy, Ayurveda (Indian), and Jammu (Indonesia).

In high school I also threw myself into sports. I didn’t know I was athletic but happy for this new self knowledge. I made the softball team, basketball team, track team, and there was a short stint as a cheerleader. Then in my 20’s I took up tennis, running and other activities. I was thrilled and empowered that I had found something to keep me from becoming overweight like the rest of my family. Plus, I enjoyed sports. But it was even later in my life, my 40’s, before I discovered yoga and meditation. This leads to another chapter.

In 1994 my husband and I traveled to Thailand for the first 3 week vacation in my life. Due to knee injuries I could no longer run, and I was in the midst of menopause. But I did yoga every day while I was on a week long fast. At the end of the week I was so relaxed and stress free that when I went for my weekly massage, I couldn’t believe the difference in my body. I wanted to quit my job and leave for teacher training in India. Right then and there. The yoga also helped with my knee and neck issues without aggravating them. It was the most amazing experience I had ever had.

But the timing wasn’t right so I had to go back to the grind of a 20+ year in a high powered middle management position. But was very unfulfilled after what I had just experienced. I continued until I knew it was time to go. In 1997 I walked away from the career I had worked so hard to build. I knew there was something better, but it meant leaving everything and starting over. And I was ready. My daughter was out of college so I had some breathing room to actually think of myself, and what I might want. However, I had absolutely no idea what this would be. But knew I was ready for life to tell me.

My husband and I are travelers. He had just sold his Thai restaurant so our plan was to travel the world, experience all the different healing options available in the countries we were visiting, continue with our yoga, and just enjoy living. And if any opportunities came our way, we were open. We had loose plans, going where we wanted to, when we wanted to. If we liked a place we stayed a while. If not, we left. There was no clock watching. No agenda. No politics. None of the things you deal with daily when you live in your own country. We took mass transportation and hung out with the coolest, nicest people every where we went.

We started out backpacking for a year, working on a shoe string budget. This led to a chance for Roger to do some automotive work in Turkey so we went there awhile, then around Europe for about a year. Some of the years we time in Central America. And for the past 15 have been primarily in Asia. When the time was right the yoga teacher training came into our life in 2001. We did a two month intensive yoga teacher training and knew this would be our lifestyle. Today we continue to travel the world for six months a year, we do yoga most every day, and we conduct classes, workshops and retreats. I also write articles and have plans for a book.

I have witnessed first hand how you can change your life, and positively affect your health. Naturally, and Holistically. With injuries, and without. With limitations, and without. I am so appreciative of inheriting my father’s (and mother’s) love for the land, and their green thumb gene (which my daughter has as well). Food is nourishment, as well as pleasure, and yoga keeps you intimately familiar with your body and what is going on inside and out.

So have we come a long way ‘Baby’? Are we healthier, wealthier, and wise? Certainly I see segments of the population that are for sure. But overall, this many decades later, with more options for everything including information, we have the highest obesity rate in the world. Many of our children are overweight, and unhealthy. Rates of disease are up. And I just read that more than 60% of most Americans are on at least one pill, many for depression and anxiety. Something is still not right.

This website is my way of trying to help. If you are healthy I hope you will find information to stay that way. If not, I hope you find something that helps. And in closing I just want to say that I am grateful for whatever influences, negative or positive, that shaped my life and led me down my life path. When I write it is from an experience; If it resonated with me, I was curious or just wanted more info for myself I gave it a go.

We are all responsible for our own decisions so choose wisely, and know that this site is for information purposes only. We are not Doctor’s. And we are not offering medical advice.

To Your Good Health!

Deb (and Roger)