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About Deb Bobier

Deb Bobier, founder of is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. And Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She is a Yoga Alliance registered and certified instructor at the highest level – 500 hours. She has been practicing Yoga since 1994, and teaching since 2001. Currently Debra spends two months each year, usually somewhere in Asia, devoted to her continued study (Svadhyaya), of the Yogic System for Holistic Wellness.

Debra has well over 5000 hours of teaching and training in Hatha Yoga including the styles of Astanga, Iyengar and Yin Yoga. And extensive training in Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Senior’s and those with disabilities, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga and Tantra Yoga. As well as Pranayama, Meditation and Tapas. Along with theory and practice on techniques from Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Nidra Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. Her continued self-study and teaching approach is a genuine example of “Integral Yoga” as defined by Sri Aurobindo with her teachings and trainings reflecting this bio-energetic approach to the Yogic System.

Deb’s training includes Yoga Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle, Anatomy and Physiology, Teaching Skills and Practice, Adjustment Skills, Restorative Postures, Partner Yoga, Pre and post natal Yoga, Yoga for those with medical issues, Meditation and Pranayama, Sequencing, Prop Usage and Asana preparations and modifications, Stress and Relaxation Management, Breath Work and much much more.

Her interest in Natural Healing, Eastern philosophies and Homeopathy began at the very young age of 16 (well before the internet and interest in these subjects to mainstream). This has directed the many facets her life has taken. She also loves to travel, read, write. And feels most at one with the world when communing with nature, another holistic approache to well being. Her interest in the areas of Wellness are from an integrated and holistic approach. She embraces all dimensions of healing using tools, techniques, and philosophies from Yoga, Ayurveda, Metaphysics, Holistic Healing, as well as the strengths of Western medicine.

A very multi-faceted personality, Debra has a long and successful track record in the dynamic field of broadcasting. She was a knowledgeable and caring employee, always striving to and giving clients exceptional customer service. And once she became a manager, felt it her responsibility to help each person on her staff to be the best they were capable of being. This resulted in exceptional results leading to others seeking her out for management positions when they were looking to turn their companies around, or improve their bottom line sales. Bottoms up management is her style. And doing her best to do the right thing her motto.

Debra teaches Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Management, Tantra, Art of Love and Intimacy, Pranayama and Meditation classes.  She also conducts workshops in these and other practices, and anything revolving around empowerment, and self actualization; Self-realization. She is also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She and her husband do YA200 & 500 Teacher Trainings in their home state. As well as other parts of the world.

She created, launched and maintains this website, an online community for information on everything Yoga and Holistic and other topics that contribute positively to one’s well-being. And is trying to put into place a directory, a marketing arm, for any Yoga Teacher or Holistic Therapist. Debra feels strongly about supporting people that are doing what they love so that they can continue to make a living…..doing what they love.

She has also developed and manufactured her own line of exclusive Yoga products which she wholesales and retails. Her most difficult challenge was finding local families and artists to make everything. She does not want to mass manufacture. She feels strongly in preserving the artisans and the skills they have learned from one generation to the next so that these skills aren’t lost. She continues to do what she does based on fair and ethical business practices. As well as searching out the most sustainable fabrics, and packaging.

She sells her yoga mat bags, yoga tanks and tops, silver yoga jewelry, yoga sarongs and other “Cool Stuff to Buy”,  in the shopping area of Yoga Bound, at select shows, Yoga Studios and select boutiques around the world.

Debra, along with her husband Roger, host YA 200 & 500 TTC yoga teacher trainings where they live for six months a year in Largo, Florida. As well as where they travel too; Bali, India, Thailand and other global destinations. They also host Yoga Vacations, Holidays, Getaways and Travel Adventures featuring their special off the tourist path Yoga in Bali Retreats. Yoga in Thailand Retreats. And other international retreats in S.E. Asia, and other parts of the world. With most of the proceeds going to organizations and charities…Seva…selfless acts.

Deb’s last venture, Sarong Boutique, was launched in 2003. Sarong Boutique carries her own line of unique beach and surf wear, sarongs,beach cover ups, billabong style boards shorts, mini beaded sarongs, dresses, pants, beach clothing, beach bags and other tropical products for under the sun. With an extensive supplier network developed over 13 years, sourcing for other products is also available should you be interested in a custom order.

In addition to 20+ years in the Yoga world, Debra has 25 years experience in the dynamic field of Broadcasting, 12 of which were in upper level management. Her skills are in the areas of sales, marketing, promotions, human resources, people management, team building, coaching, recruitment, public relations, customer service, management, operations, event marketing and more.

Debra has numerous awards for outstanding achievement. And certificates of completion from the dozens of seminars, and workshops attended throughout her career. Her support of the community encompasses volunteering at events like ‘Paint your Heart out Tampa Bay’, St. Anthony’s Triathlon, and others.

While President of AWRT (American Women in Radio and Television) she turned a chapter in the red, to one with an excess of money to help and fund college scholarships for women in need that wanted to get into the field of broadcasting. One of the ways she did this was to create, develop and launch a large media event in the Tampa Bay area (Sundown).

She loves adventure, and traveling and has lived in Turkey, England and Germany. For over 20 years she has made annual trips to SE Asia for at least six months at a time. She has traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe, Costa Rica, Honduras, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama, and most of the other parts of the world.

Currently, she donates 15% of all sales to various charities that she is passionate about, both at home and abroad, including “The Breast Cancer Foundation”. She also has a Teacher Training Scholarship which she contributes too, and solicits contributions to provide Yoga Teacher Training for under privileged individuals that want to make a living teaching Yoga, or to empower themselves. She is also always on the look out for other Seva opportunities, as she feels strongly it is her duty to help others empower themselves. Her motto is “How can I help!”