About Us

Deb & Roger Bobier in Udaipur Rajasthan India

My name is Deb Bobier. My husband is Roger. When we aren’t traveling we live in Largo near most of our family, and the beautiful West coast beaches of Florida.

The sun and surf are great for the spirit. And we are our happiest in a tropical island environment.

We enjoy new adventures, and for the past 17 years have been travelling the world visiting places like Thailand, Bali, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, India, Cambodia and other exotic destinations.

Almost 15 years ago we visited Bali for the first time and it became our home away from home. Since then we spend at least two months there every year, adding in other destinations to complete our 4 months on the road. The lifestyle is laid back and relaxed. The climate is tropical providing the lush vegetation that creates the backdrop for living ‘Alfresco’. The natural beauty is stunning, the architecture amazing, and the spirit, generosity and friendliness of the Balinese people unsurpassed.

India is a regular on our list of travels, too. The photo above was taken in 2004 in Udaipur which is in the state of Rajasthan in India. We were having a lovely sunset dinner at the outside dining area at Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel. You can see the Lake Palace in the background. This city is best known as the location for the James Bond film Octopussy.

We love our lifestyle, but as with most things, it did not come easily. We decided to design our life based on where we wanted to be, not where we were. And had to find a way to make it happen, truly travellng the road less traveled. And though the challenges continue, it is only inevitable that while you are on this planet, each of us will have to deal with situations and circumstances that literally ‘rock our world’.

But it has and continues to be an amazing journey. You keep learning what is truly important as you expand, grow, alter your perceptions, reshape beliefs, and change behaviors.

While we have been doing Yoga, and experiencing the benefits for many years, it was our intensive Yoga training in 2001 that deepened and solidified our commitment to this ancient science, and art. In the two month period of yoga six days a week, five hours a day, we saw physical and mental changes that far exceeded anything we had previously experienced. Not only did we lose weight, but our bodies became leaner, more toned and healthier (a byproduct), and  mentally we became more relaxed, calm and yes, even more confident. The knowledge we gained and continue to gain about ourselves, has been invaluable.

We have always been energetic, but even this has increased. We also have a healthier focus which we are manifesting through this website. We want to share information on Yoga, and other topics that contribute positively to one’s well-being so that anyone that comes to this site can hopefully find something that will help them find practical tips and inspiration to lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

And being teacher’s ourselves, we know how much a labor of love teaching is. We want teacher’s and other holistic therapists to view this as their community, too. A place where they can share their insights, post workshops, retreats, etc. to help give them additional exposure and marketing so that they can keep making a living doing what they love.

When we are in Florida we are totally immersed in the wonderful world of Yoga, maintaining our own Yoga practice, teaching, presenting Relaxation and Meditation workshops, working on this site, on our retail, and wholesale business, our yoga retreats,and spending time with friends and family.

While Yoga is not a quick fix, I am confident that everyone will experience some of the benefits immediately. I am still a student and will be for the rest of my life here on this planet. When I teach I learn. What I learn I teach. It is gratifying to be able to share the benefits of Yoga Therapy with others, and to witness firsthand, their positive experiences both mentally, and physically.

Yoga is a practice that truly teaches acceptance of yourself, and where you are at the moment. It enables you to discover awareness of, and attention to your body and mind. It gives you the opportunity to relax. To give yourself permission to leave behind the burdens of expectation, and anticipation. An approach to life that isn’t part of our western culture. But something positive that I think we all need to learn in order to stay healthy.

While I am far from some of the more advanced postures and probably always will be, this isn’t important. Yoga isn’t goal oriented. Anything you do is beneficial. But Yoga is more than asana (postures). Actually asana is only one of the eight limbs of the Ashtanga Yoga path. Yoga encompasses philosophies and disciplines that each of us can benefit from. Not just while in class, but in our day to day lives as well. While I continue to be challenged by my Yoga practice, and many days by life in general, Yoga helps me keep things in perspective.

I have learned from experience that when each of us commits to our own wellbeing, and makes responsible choices, the world begins to change. We alter the dynamics of our day-to-day reality in a positive way. The impact of which is far reaching. Yoga naturally promotes a more loving, compassionate nature as we learn to accept ourselves. Many students of Yoga experience a contentment that previously eluded them. On a broader scale, we may begin to see our roles as not only caretakers for ourselves, but also for other people and things. And even for our planet.

When we get out of our comfort zones whether by choice or fate, we grow. We learn. We expand. And sometimes we have the most incredible epiphanies. I experience this time and time again, as we are always putting ourselves in unfamiliar situations, like our trip to India for more Yoga training. When we are put in new situations it forces us, like it or not, to explore our motivations, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, assumptions, image of ourselves, etc. This in turn provides the opportunity to gain a different perspective, which can lead to greater understanding and tolerance. We then can decide whether our behaviors, beliefs, feelings, expectations and the like are effective. Or ineffective. Hurting. Or helping ourselves. And those around us.

This in turn enables us to consciously choose whether these things serve us and others in a beneficial way. Or, if they are sabotaging us, and need to be discarded. No matter what path we each choose to take, it is our very own personal journey. Our very own path. And up to each of us to seek out those things that help us make the most of it. The benefits of Yoga and its philosophies are far reaching. I hope you make Yoga a part of your path.

We feel very blessed and grateful that Yoga is a part of our journey. As Roger and I continue on our path we will share what we find. Our fate is always about our choices. I hope by choosing to come to this site you find something that benefits you.